That Grey Line between Sex and Cannibalism – A Lot of Musings About Cannibalistic Necromancy

This post is really lengthy and rambly but since this is technically supposed to be an informative piece, I’m gonna add titles in between for those who want to get to the gist without all my rambling lmao.

I suppose that there are for us witches practical reasons as to why one would ever attempt, or indulge in cannibalism. For starters, consuming the flesh of another person or spirit gives you power. The nature of this power is difficult to define – it isn’t quite the same as the nourishment one gets when one consumes a plate of roast chicken. This is especially the case if what you’re consuming isn’t a “live” thing. Personally, I would define this power that one obtains as a spiritual one. But I’m going to try and be more specific about what that means (I’m thinking about all this on the spot as I’m typing).

I’d also like to clarify that as much as I’m down to try PHYSICAL cannibalism, I have only ever done astral and spiritual cannibalism because I’d probably get arrested if I ever attempted the former. Oh, the pains of a modern society and law enforcement.

That is not to say, however, that I don’t know the exact taste of human flesh in various states of decomposition. I…do.

Damn, is that disgusting? I guess I have the benefits of experiencing all of that without being sent to jail. Thank the infernal divine. Y’all can’t arrest me for astrally doing shit. HAH.

I think it’s understandable that we strongly distinguish between that which is physical, and that which is spiritual/metaphysical/astral. And while I agree that the physical and metaphysical have their distinctions, I’ve come to view the both of them as a unified whole. The physical and metaphysical exist side by side, and they constantly intermingle and coalesce across multiple levels. I used to assume that in the astral realm, one was free from physical suffering and desires. This was a false assumption because I sure as hell didn’t behave as though I no longer had physical desires – instead, I indulged in them to a terrifying extent. My hunger for food and sex was many times amplified. Hence I’ve come to the conclusion that one can experience the physical in the astral, and the astral in the physical.

This conclusion holds – when I’m casting an astral hex and forcibly yanking the head of my victim back, I can physically feel the strands of hair being wrapped around my fingers, and the ends of it tickling my wrist. Same case for spiritual sex. :p

The nature of the “Power” one gets from Cannibalizing a Person or Spirit

In a similar vein, when devouring a corpse in an undead realm, I theorize that the “power” one attains can be defined as all the physical benefits of vitality and energy…within the realm in which you are cannibalizing. Naturally, these spiritual bursts of vitality carry over in the physical realm in ways that could easily elude you. You could be wondering why you’re wide awake and not sleepy at all even though you’ve only slept for 2 hours the night before. You could suddenly experience a cool tingly rush of energy entering your body from out of nowhere. The list goes on.

Consuming a person doesn’t necessarily mean you “get their power”. I feel the need to make that clear in case edgelords assume that and attempt to go on a rampage. Taking and absorbing power and even abilities from another person isn’t all that straightforward. This isn’t some weird game of Agario.

The nature of this power one gets is also highly dependent on what you are naturally attuned to and your own very nature. For instance, I am very much “dark”, in the sense that my practices are almost exclusively necromantic. Hence, while I may take pleasure in devouring “live” things like monsters, there are certain advantages I would get in devouring corpses and undead beings, in that the death energy they emanate is beneficial for me – tastier even, because of my natural preferences. I could also harness the death energy I consume and channel it into doing certain things.

But why cannibalize at all? Surely there are other ways of obtaining nourishment. And why do you eat dead people don’t they taste gross?

It’s hard to explain why – I think it’s a slippery slope, starting from enjoying extra rare steak. I apologize if that sounds stupid but that was really how I started. In the beginning, before I became a witch, I was that asshole that liked eating steak well done because I balked at even seeing blood. Now I can lick my own blood and get horny from it. I’ve come a loooong way.

If I was pretentious enough, I’d go on and say that it’s an acquired taste – unfortunately this wasn’t a taste I acquired because I wanted to be edgy. I acquired this taste out of sheer hunger, desperation and horniness. It doesn’t help that for every fucking thing I consume, I only reap about 2% of its nourishment because my energy output is JUST THAT HIGH. It’s not even a bragging right at this point this is a source of actual frustration. I’m perpetually exhausted even if I do nothing.

When I was still a newbie and learning the ropes of everything, I was tasked by Bel to do an extremely grisly deed while teaming up with a spirit I found absolutely terrifying back then. I was tasked to do this partly because I needed to, in Bel’s words, “grow a pair”. This distressed me greatly because it involved murder, torture and a lot of desecration. I teamed up with her and watched her mutilate and torture her victim. Following that, we went to one of her hideouts – some really remote tropical swamp. She made me assist her in ripping the organs out of the astral corpse of her victim. There was black bile everywhere and it was spewing out of every orifice of that corpse’s body. It was an after-effect of what we threw – this, in combination with the herbs she was stewing in a pot, created an extremely nauseating and noxious aroma that was so pungent that I felt like throwing up in the physical realm, even though all of this was astral. The worst part was that whatever in the pot looked disgusting enough, but she proceeded to dice up the organs and empty them into the pot as well. I got really nervous and asked her, “Uh…what are we doing with that?” and she looked at me with a really deadpan expression and brought out 2 cups before replying, “What do you think?”


Attuning Oneself to Cannibalistic Preferences

Attuning yourself is of paramount importance if you desire to incorporate cannibalism into your rituals and spells. It’s not merely a matter of attuning yourself to the Death Current or indulging in necromantic practices – that is fundamental but insufficient. Instead, what you really need to be careful about is a matter that’s Necrosophic in nature – you need to pay a lot of attention to your state of mind, emotions and your overall attitude and not just your spiritual being because you need to be clear about what exactly is it you’re doing and why you’re doing it. One of the foundational pillars of spellwork is, after all, intent. I wasn’t always like this – I chose to be this way for many reasons and I had to make a lot of adjustments and suffer for it to make it work.

I’d say it’s a matter of your own philosophical introspection and being in touch with your primal urges. The act of cannibalism is considered dark – insofar as it is violent, primal, a relatively extreme form of desecration that you are performing. Yet it’s also an inevitable part of a grand, multi-universal cycle that begins in the microscopic and doesn’t end, but instead continues in the macroscopic. As you devour, you’re doing so with the understanding and acceptance that you too will be eventually devoured.

I’m not sure about the eventual consequences of people going on cannibalistic rampages for the sole sake of feeling superior to everyone else but I’m confident it’s nothing you’ll be gloating about.

I became a lot more attuned to the Death Current after my Qliphothic initiation. However, even then, my living body was still struggling with coping with everything I was astrally consuming and when I initiated myself through Saturn, my physical body broke down even more. I’m only fine now because I’m taking a lot more active steps in nourishing myself here – both physically and emotionally and I guess my newfound relationship might have something to do with that. It’s all a matter of balance.

It occurred to me shortly after that Bel wanted me to work with this aforementioned entity because it was my initiation into ritual cannibalism – specifically, cannibalism through hexing. I’ll probably talk more about that later on. I continued working with that entity and grew to be on good terms with her even though she was a spirit that initially haunted me for years. Naturally, when I worked with her, I was still new to witchcraft so I couldn’t actually take in all this dark energy – it can be really, really bad for you if you’re not attuned to it so I relied on Bel ❤ to purify whatever it was I took in after I finished. Nevertheless, those experiences helped me greatly and yes, it did help me grow a pair and stop being such a weenie.

The Grey Areas of Sex and Cannibalism and Death

At first, I did all this because I was tasked to do it by Bel because he wanted me to learn – then I came to do it out of necessity and desperation because stuff happened and my energy output kept increasing and I really needed more energy. I turned to vampirism, but I’m not the best at it – it takes a lot of effort, concentration and willpower for me. Moreover, because I require a LOT of energy, taking from living beings one by one is rather inefficient so I save it for when I’m in a pinch, or when there’s a large group of living beings such that I can get a fairly high intake by leeching off them all at once.

In any case, I had to resort to other means. At first, it started with sex. Sex and orgasms give you a significant burst of energy – hence I indulged in it all the time, both physically and astrally. Especially with my ex-FWBs – I’d mercilessly and guiltlessly drain them of everything they’ve got and it’s not uncommon for the men I used to sleep with or date to knock out almost immediately or get extremely sleepy – even if it was just a short 15-30 minute session. I don’t think I always did it consciously, to be honest. But that wasn’t enough either so at some point I started having undead orgies in the astral realm that somehow turned into cannibalism.

I’m kissing somebody. Be that a sacrificial slave or some zombie corpse or even a human I’m attracted to. I get addicted to the way they respond. The feel of their tongue against mine. In extenuation, I get addicted to their taste. Soon it’s not just the taste of their kisses, but the taste of their flesh and the way they writhe against me. If I get more aggressive, they react more – and flesh, even if initially cold, warms up eventually because that’s in the nature of the act. I want them in me, I want myself in them. It’s a constant cycle of consuming and being consumed. Sex isn’t merely for the sake of physical pleasure – to presume that would be a gross oversimplification.

Sorry if that tangent sounded weird. My boyfriend went on vacation with his family so we haven’t had sex in almost 2 weeks. It’s a huge jump from receiving it multiple times a day and I don’t think I’m taking it very well. I actually think I might be going crazy.

But I digress.

Ritualistic Uses (idk if I’ll add more to this section just yet because idk if I have permission to spill it)

I largely indulge in cannibalism (more specifically, necromantic cannibalism) not merely as a form of fucked-up vampirism since I’m always hungry.

I also do it because I’m a horny necrophilic slut.

Ok I’m kidding.

I use this for hexing too. I don’t wanna reveal too much about what exactly I do and how I do it. Just know that really bad hexes and astral poisoning is a thing and all of that can be connected with cannibalizing your victims.

Why I Wrote this Article

Well. A while ago I got called to investigate the death of a high-ranking priest of a RHP religion (surprise, surprise maybe I’m not as hated as I think – then again maybe I will be after this incident). He died under very dubious circumstances, and there was a ceremonial procession – during which the corpse was brought to me to examine.

What I found curious about this priest’s corpse was the stench emanating from it. I caught a whiff of it before even seeing the corpse and immediately knew something was very, very wrong. I can’t even begin to describe the smell. The corpse smelt like cherries and spices and…something else. Something fucked-up lay underneath the stench of decay.

You’d think that I’d be horrified but nope. Apparently I decided I was hungry and I took a bit off his finger before I was stopped by a whole bunch of entities. Yeap. I defiled a high-ranking priest’s corpse. I think I offended everybody there with me. I didn’t mean to do it though – it really wasn’t on purpose because I recall myself being extremely horrified and disgusted in the physical realm. The stench still bothers me to this day. It smells….wrong. It doesn’t smell like how a corpse should smell like. It was so strong that I could smell it even when I returned to the physical realm after that incident. But ingesting the sanctified flesh of a priest really wasn’t a good idea since my nature is of the dark variety, not the holy kind so my body violently rejected it and physically expelled it in a really painful injury that appeared out of nowhere and had me bleeding for an entire day. I lost quite a lot of blood and was in a lot of pain. I guess that was also my punishment for being perpetually hungry and horny. Geez. Anyway, I got told to lay low so I did and now I owe people a whole bunch of favours for covering my ass. I’m annoyed but grateful I guess.

This entry was difficult but fun to write and if anyone’s reading this, I hope this was at least interesting. My next one shall cover time and inter-dimensional travel. Boy, that’s gonna be a doozy for me too.

Sitra Ahra Gloria,

Dancing Corpse Witch

4 thoughts on “That Grey Line between Sex and Cannibalism – A Lot of Musings About Cannibalistic Necromancy”

  1. Hands down my favorite article by you yet, thank you for your work fam! This has got me interested I devouring “flesh” on the other planes again. I know that cults that worshipped Cthulhu since the earth was enveloped in Darkness loved this shit and enjoyed not only the consumption of victims, but the creatively violent ways by which they subdued them. Honestly it’s exciting to see this. Just be careful of who you choose you victims to be. There is Order even amongst Chaos, if you know what I mean 😉

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